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  1. Tu vas aimer, c'est bien fait.
  2. Ravensburger + moulins

    J'en ai un, mais a Laval.
  3. Top-10 Wishlist (début 2018)

    Devrais sortir en décembre
  4. Record de "plays" ?

    Coloretto 76 Abyss 54 Stone Age 50 Qwixx 47 Qwinto 43 7 Wonders 42 Ra: The Dice Game 40 Saint Petersburg 37 Kingdomino 36 Puerto Rico 30 Diamant 30 Sobek 30 Agricola 27 Ra 26 World Without End 25 Dice Town 23 Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age 23 Sushi Go! 23 Notre Dame 22 The Voyages of Marco Polo 22 Great Western Trail 19
  5. Top abécédaire

    Avec pour comparer, entre parenthèse ceux d'il y a 5 ans: A Agricola/Abyss (Agricola) B Brass Lancashire (Brass) C Coloretto (C Castles of Burgundy) D Dynasties: Heirate und Herrshe (Dixit) E Egizia (E Eminent Domain) F Feast for Odin (Firsts Sparks) G Great Western Trail (G Glenn Drover's Empires) H Hamburgum/Hansa Teutonica (H Hamburgum/Himalaya/Hansa Teutonica) I Isle of Skye (In the Year of Dragon) J Jerusalem (Jerusalem) K Kingdomino (Kingsburg) L Lorenzo il Magnifico (London) M Marco Polo (Mégawatts) N Nusfjord (Ninjato) O Orléans (Ora et Labora) P Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico) Q Quest for El Dorado (Québec) R Ra (Ra) S St-Petersburg/Stone Age (St-Petersburg/Stone Age) T Terraforming Mars (Troyes) U Un Monde sans fin () V Village (Vulgari Eloquentia) W Wendake (World Without End) X Xia: Legends of a drift system () Y Yokohama (Yspahan) Z Zhanguo (Zombiaki 2: Atak na Moskwę )
  6. Low Lands ?

    . J'ai lu les 2 premières lignes et je me suis demandé si Uwe sortait encore un autre jeu ? Non, c'est de Claudia Partenheimer et Ralf Partenheimer.
  7. Low Lands ?

    Low Lands, ca a l'air nice. Genre de theme de farming extreme ! The low land is a rough area where hard-working folk make a living by the sweat of their brow. Under constant threat of storm and flood, communities here rally together to build dikes that keep the rising water ay bay. But every citizen constructing a dike is one fewer citizen tending flocks and maintaining the family farm. The residents here are constantly torn between selflessness and self-interest, and only those who can strike this delicate balance can thrive in this harsh landscape. https://zmangames.com/en/news/2018/2/9/announcing-lowlands/
  8. Jaurai bien aimé un cacao à 15$. ☹
  9. Le prochain Feld

    Bruges Notre-Dame Castles of Burgundy The Name of the Rose In the year of the dragon
  10. Nous aussi, c'est pas tous les jeux qui voit 19 fois la table comme lui.