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  1. Carcassonne Formula Motor Racing x 4 Goa Hammer of the Scots Liar's Dice x 2 Medici x4 Memoir 44 Memoir 44 D-Day Landings (7 Maps) x 2 Pirates Cove x 2 Power Grid x 4 Puerto Rico x 2 Ra x 2 Ra The Dice Game x 2 Ticket to Ride x 2
  2. 1. Introduction: This is Through The Ages Smoooooooth !! 2. Weight: Heavy 3. Audience: This is for a gamer. It is not a light or medium game however because it is one of the best games that scales from 1 to 5 players and in difficulty I recommend it as a gateway game from medium to heavy. 4. Sweet Spot: After six plays from 1 to 5 players I like the 4 and 5 player. My preference is the 4 player because it is less long 5. Solitaire: yes 6. Bits: 8/10 7. The rules are concise and fairly clear. There are a few FAQs that I have sought but for the most part the rules are well written. 8. Setup: 10-15 min 9. Game Flow: There are eight rounds with practically no down time. The flow is smooth, fast and engaging with the other players. There is no fiddly aspects to the game. This is Through the ages Elegant because it takes half the time to play, players can only take one action on their turns and mechanics like WAR and EVENTS have been improve in such a way that the game is smooth. Did I mention the game is very smooth yet? 10. Randomness: Open card drafting based on turn order that you can influence during the game. There is relatively no luck in this game in comparison with TTA. By the way I will never play Through the Ages again because of this game. I own 2 copies of Through the Ages and they are for sale if someone wants to offer me a reasonable price. 11. Player Interaction: There is enough player interaction in this game of the type a gamer will appreciate. Choices will deny cards, cause your opponents to be affected by WARS and EVENTS. The player interaction is excellent. 12. Downtime: Between turns there is virtually no downtime compared to Through the Ages. There you can play a game in one night. 13. Fun: The game is very addictive because there are so many paths to victory and your own worse enemy in this game is yourself. You really feel that you are building a NATION and the road to the last round of the game will be memorable enough that you will be talking about the strategy, the path you and others took in the game. Very enjoyable experience every time I play because you do not notice the time fly by. 14. Theme: There is a story in each game you play because every game will be significantly different since you never play with all the cards like in Through the Ages. Building different empires each game makes each session completely different from the next. There is ownership of an empire and I had to struggle to manage 6 different resources, etc etc. 15. Recommendation: This game will appeal to civ lovers and gamers and is a must for their collections. Because this game can be played in one session, the randomness is minimal and the mechanics are smooth I recommend this game as a gateway civ game from medium to heavy. Final Comments: This is the best civ game I have played and after 43 plays of Through the Ages can 6 plays of Nations can say that it is easily a better game than Through the Ages (TTA). So much so that I will never play TTA again and will both of my copies Prediction: Game of the Year and will rise to the top 10 on BGG. I boldly predict it will overtake Through the Ages and be the number 1 game on BGG. Cheers Sparta PS: Did I mention it was smoooooth!!
  3. Merci pour cette belle fin de semaine. Gros Merci à Stephane pour ZOMBICIDE !!! Très belle idée , les hostesses. Bravo pour toute l'organisation!!!!! On se revoit l'an prochain !
  4. Do you have the new address for Multizone?
  5. I went to Monopolatte last week. It is located at the corner of Broson and Somerset. It has a max capacity of 40 players sitting at 7-8 tables. The menu is well priced and the coffee is gooood! It was mainly a university crowd that was there. I was there at around 8pm and the place was full and people were waiting at the door for tables. As I was checking out the place Yves and Yannick arrived to play some games. The place is air conditioned. Monopolatte is in an old house that has been renovated and the atmosphere is warm because it feels like your in a house not a café. Steve the owner lives on the second floor which means at the end of the day he just shuts the lights and goes upstairs. As people were learning rules to games like Peurto Rico, Pandemic, etc I couldn't help think this is a really a good addition to the Outaouais area because it is going to give a lot of exposure to our hobby as well as increase the number of gamers. John Dx
  6. Voilà, je suis à la recherche du jeu Trains, je suis a Ottawa... http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/121408/trains http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/121408/trains Merci..
  7. Je cherche pour le Jeux "Trains" Pour Acheter http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/121408/trains
  8. My "Coups de coeur" are: Dominate Species Troyes Inca Empire Age of Industry
  9. I am looking for Stronghold to buy.
  10. Dominate Species: As always I read all the reviews on the game. Bought the game at my local game store and brought it to my Friday night gaming group. I no sooner got in the door and all my gaming buddies wanted to play the game. They had been talking about it just before I arrived. It took 40 minutes to read the rules and start the game. We were 5 players. Its a great game if you like something like Di Macher, Brass, Age of Steam. The game designer for Combat Commander created this game. It plays like a a Euro but there is a huge amount of player interaction in this game. It is my opinion that this game is best game I have purchased this year and is going to be in my top ten for along time. The theme is different from my other games. I highly recommend this game and would not be surprised if it wins awards. I rate it 10 on 10. Dex
  11. Twilight Struggle is a deeper game. Harder to master. Both games are amazing and provide lots of tension. Ditto what Mad Max said plus Twilight Struggle has more re-playability because there are multiple paths to victory and because it is a classic confrontation that takes place over the entire world. I like both games and rated them both 10 on 10.
  12. Twilight Struggle Deluxe Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage Combat Commander Europe (all expansions) Hammer of the Scots Paths of Glory
  13. I played it once and bought the game that night I liked it so much. It has very little down time the rules are simple to explain and it plays fast. There is alot of player interaction and there are several strategies. One of my favorite games. I highly recommend this game in any collection.
  14. Romain, This is a very good topic. Basically what are you looking for in the gaming hobby? This question is not easy to answer. Its usually a combination of many things. Because everyone is different finding a game that appeals to everyone's tastes is difficult if not impossible. Ultimately, what I am looking for is a terrific gaming experience. So, it doesn't matter if the game is new or old it matters that I had a terrific gaming experience. I like laughing a lot especially with you Romain and your son Bastien, Dada, Mark, Martin, Lucy, Nicolas, Marie-J, Francois, Horrible Mr B (puce), and all the Cafe du Monde members. Money can not buy what people bring to a game: personality, humor, language, mannerisms, disappointment, happiness, intelligence, sneakiness, great moves, laughter, craziness, etc. The Granby and JAB conventions helped me foster new friends from all over Quebec. Wow! For me I am not collecting games I am collecting friends with memorable gaming experiences. I can't wait to play again with my friends from Cafe du Monde, JAB, Montreal and Quebec City because they make me feel good. Dex
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