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Kemet : Nouvelles Règles

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Matagot ont fait un gros travail pour mettre à jour les règles de Kemet.  Ils ont incorporé l'information contenue dans les FAQ online et ont ajouté certains compléments d'information pour éclaircir quelques trucs avec les extensions.  Vous pouvez downloader les nouvelles règles 1.5 à partir d'ici : https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2270796/kemet-v15-rulebook/page/1

Un des utilisateurs a également compilé un petit change log par rapport aux règles initiales :

- Players start with 7 prayer instead of 5
- Players start with 2 DI cards instead of 1
- Players’ troops have +1 strength when in their own city districts
- Each district in a city has walls around it, instead of just having walls around the city as a whole
- The game end is triggered by any player having at least 9 VPs when they’re about to take an action, instead of checking whether anyone has 10+ at the end of the Day Phase
- The Dawn Phase was added (doesn’t really affect gameplay)
- The names of the pyramids/powers have changed (no gameplay difference)
- Troops can move through each other, allowing players to temporarily ignore the max troop size rules
- Players each choose (in reverse order based on VP count) their position in the next round’s turn order, instead of turn order being decided by whoever currently has the fewest VP
- Battle winner can choose to recall their troop after the fight
- Recalling X units after a battle gives X - 1 prayer instead of X prayer

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