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Clarification officielle règles Container

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This is an official change to section 4.1 - "Pay Interest". The rulebook, as printed, has this information stated in a somewhat clouded manner. The following is how the section should read, starting from the second paragraph.



If a player cannot pay his interest, the bank seizes one (or more) of the delinquent player's Containers for each loan in default in the following manner, repeating this procedure for each loan in default:


The bank seizes 1 Container from the delinquent player's area on the Foreign Island Board.


If the delinquent player has no Containers on the Foreign Island Board, the bank seizes 2 Containers from the player's Harbour Store.


If the delinquent player does not possess enough Containers in his Harbour Store the bank seizes 1 Container from the Factory Store for each Container not successfully seized from the Harbour store. It is possible that a player will have no Containers in his Harbour Store to be seized, and so the bank will seize both the Containers from the Factory Store. In the event that a player only has one Container in play in either his Factory Store or Harbour Store (a total of one, not one in each area), the bank seizes only one Container for the defaulted loan for this turn only.


For example, if a player has one defaulted loan, 1 Container in his Harbour Store and 4 Containers in his Factory Store, the bank will seize the 1 Container from the Harbour Store, and additionally seize 1 Container from the Factory store, leaving the player with just 3 Containers in his Factory Store and no Containers in his Harbour Store. Additional defaulted loans could further reduce this total.


If the delinquent player has no Containers in play at all, the bank seizes either a Warehouse or a Machine. If a Warehouse or Machine is seized, the player may return one loan document to the bank, as it has been paid off by the asset itself. The delinquent player must exhaust all other measures (above) before allowing the seizure of a Warehouse or Machine, and may not willingly lose a Warehouse or Machine unless it is the player's last option. The "-" and $6 Machine and the "-" and $4 Warehouse are always safe and cannnot be seized by the bank.


In the event that the player has nothing that can be legally seized by the bank, the player may avoid paying the remaining interest for the current turn only.


In all cases, selection of the seized Containers, Factories or Warehouses by the bank is done by the player to the delinquent player's right. Selection is NOT done by the delinquent player himself, with the exception that if they player is to lose a Warehouse or Machine, the player may select which of the two types of assets they will lose. In the case of a Machine, the player to the right will still select which colour to be seized.


Any Containers seized by the bank are placed back in the box, and out of the game. Any Machine or Warehouse seized is simply placed back into supply.

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