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  1.  5   Hotel Tycoon (8 all-time)  8   Anno 1800 (4 all-time)  8   Sushi Go! (37 all-time)  7   Furnace x2 (5 all-time)  7.5   Splendor (50 all-time)  9   Saint Petersburg x2 (54 all-time)  8   Rajas of the Ganges (7 all-time)  8   Hadara (21 all-time)  N/A   Qwirkle NEW!  7   Illusion (2 all-time)  9   Lost Ruins of Arnak (12 all-time)  7   Century: Spice Road (31 all-time)
  2. Je dirai Quest for El Dorado On sent bien le theme du jeu, et on doit toujours peser le court terme (Est-que j'avance vite) avec le long (Je scrap ce tour pour une bonne carte ? )
  3.  6.5   Via Magica x6 (15 all-time)  8   Notre Dame: 10th Anniversary (3 all-time)  8   Nidavellir (7 all-time)  7   Just One x4 (5 all-time)  7.5   Istanbul (11 all-time)  7.5   Haspelknecht NEW!  8   Sushi Go! x2 (36 all-time)  8   Draftosaurus x2 (20 all-time)  9   The Voyages of Marco Polo (33 all-time)  9   Great Western Trail (30 all-time)  9   Puerto Rico (23 all-time)  6.5   Bohnanza x2 (12 all-time)  8   Anno 1800 x3 NEW!  7   Coimbra NEW!  8   Gloomhaven x2 (18 all-time)  6   Precious Cargo (3 all-time)  7   Rajas of the Ganges: The Dice Charmers (9 all-time)  7   Hero Realms: The Ruin of Thandar Campaign Deck (3 all-time)  8   Hadara (20 all-time)  8   7 Wonders (47 all-time)  5   Hotel Tycoon (8 all-time)
  4. Le mien autant mes préférés que ceux que j'ai le plus envie de jouer... Je suis quand meme bien représenté dans le top30 avec 11 jeux de ma liste qui y sont.
  5. Anno 1800 aura bientot une expansion. Dans l'expansion l'auteur ajuste plusieurs choses: Martin Wallace, designer of Anno 1800, said the expansion will add three primary content elements: two new regions for players to explore, and an ‘invaders’ mechanic that has players defend against incoming forces. The new regions will span the Arctic and Enbesa (a fictional location inspired by the geography and colonial history of the Horn of Africa), both of which were added to the original videogame through DLC. Wallace says the regions are interlinked and will add new resource-generating buildings to the game. They’ve also been designed to introduce subtle gameplay changes that shake up the pace and strategies that you might encounter as you play. “If you go to the Arctic, it gives you points, and if you go there are a number of times it gives you access to special buildings,” Wallace says about the new region. “These give you ongoing benefits, so there’s a lot more engine building in the game.” “But you can only get the special buildings with development points, so you have to go to Enbesa, the place that gives you these.” The invaders, meanwhile, act as a means of tracking unrest in your settlement. As waves of attackers try to invade, you’ll need to knock them back to reduce the discontent boiling up among your people. “The core game plays exactly the same way,” Wallace says about the add-on. “So it’s pretty easy to integrate the expansion into the main game; you’re not having to take things out of it.” Wallace says he designed the expansion as a “gamer’s game” that “bumps the complexity level up, but really reduces the amount of randomness in the game.” Moments in which cards were previously randomly allocated to players have been removed, and replaced with mechanics that grant players more choice in what cards they pick up. Similarly, every player will start with a similar set of cards instead of random draws, including the powerful ‘engineer’ card that previously granted lucky players early access to advanced technologies. These minor changes are intended to reduce the randomness of your initial hand, and remove luck from the game. Wallace says the expansion has also been designed to respond to some criticisms made of Anno 1800, including the limited use of certain resources. An additional set of cards included in the expansion, which sit as a pool on the table rather than in players’ hands, grant you additional actions in return for mid-level resources that previously had little utility. Similarly, the expansion will change Anno 1800’s endgame. Rather than trying to get rid of your cards to finish the game, you’ll be accumulating ‘endgame points’ through taking various actions. “It changes the flow of the game,” Wallace says. “It doesn’t matter how many cards you’ve got in your hand, so you’re never worried about picking up. Having more cards in your hand is now a positive because it means you’ve got more options, since you can end the game in other ways.” “If I had a choice between playing the base game or the game with expansion, I’d play the game with expansion” he adds. Wallace says he completed design work on the Anno 1800 expansion a couple of months ago and, after some delays to production timelines, expects it will release in 2022.
  6.  9   Brass: Lancashire (10 all-time)  7.5   Ruins of Mars (4 all-time)  7   Hero Realms: The Ruin of Thandar Campaign Deck x2 NEW!  9   Underwater Cities (13 all-time)  7   Furnace x3 NEW!  9   A Feast for Odin (6 all-time)  8.5   Village: Port (3 all-time)  8   Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization NEW!  8   Point Salad (14 all-time)  7   Prehistories x2 NEW!  6   Fiesta de los Muertos x2 NEW!
  7. Elle a le même back que tout les autres. Voici le front :
  8. le dos est distinctif, tu est sur qu'elle est pas mélangé dans ta pioche ?
  9.  7   Rome: Rise to Power x2 NEW!  7   The Bloody Inn x2 NEW!  9   Lost Ruins of Arnak (11 all-time)  6   Zooloretto: The Dice Game (9 all-time)  8   Paladins of the West Kingdom NEW!  8   Gloomhaven x2 (16 all-time)  6   Vin mystère (3 all-time)  8   Corinth x2 (21 all-time)  7.25   The Quest for El Dorado x2 (33 all-time)  7.5   Splendor (49 all-time)  8   Rajas of the Ganges (6 all-time)
  10. Bonjour je viens de me trouver un vielle Wii pour jouer avec les enfants. Ils trippent vraiment à regarder des YouTube’s de Mario Party et j’aimerais trouver un de ces jeux en version Wii. donc si vous avez : Mario party 8 mario Party 9 Le jeu de super Mario qui se joue à 4 faites moi signe. Je cherche ça.
  11. Voici les règles : https://cdn02.plentymarkets.com/9gjbo7zbn9p8/frontend/boon_mara/Boonlake_EN.pdf
  12. TRES intéressés !! Takezo + Conj + 2 enfants (6 et 10) RadioHandz + Conj + 2 ados
  13. With a group of pioneers, you have left civilization behind to settle along the shores of Boonlake, a long-forgotten region inhabited by humans long ago. This unexplored area beckons you! Become part of a new community and commit yourself to the common good. Explore the landscapes, build houses and settlements, raise cattle, produce raw materials, and develop an infrastructure. Do your best to automate these processes. Seize the opportunity to make the best of your new life in Boonlake. Boonlake is an expert game in which you are finding yourself improving your life — and your group's life — in this new territory...but how you accomplish this is completely up to you! Due to a novel action mechanism, each game progresses differently. Each action needs to be considered carefully since the other players also benefit from the action you choose. Besides this, the action determines how far you may move your ship — the further and faster, the better! Alexander Pfister: Thanks everybody for your interest in Boonlake! Rules will be uploaded in about 3 weeks. Complexity is similar to Great Western Trail or Maracaibo, 1-4 players and game length with 4 players about 2.5 hours. If you know the game and play fast, 90 minutes with 4 players. Less with 3 and 2 players. Theme: You leave the modern world and try to live in harmony with nature. But you will still find some new tools in this unknown region. Mechanics: There are 7 actions, each represented as a tile. These tiles are laid on a double layer tableau from top to bottom. You choose one and put it at the bottom of the list and slide them together again. So the order changes. The top actions reward you with more movement on the big river in the middle of the game board. The further you move, the higher your reward. At the beginning of the game everybody chooses a goal. The goal becomes more difficult the longer you wait to fulfil it, but on the other hand you also get more points. Each scoring (there are 4) you fulfil one, either your own one or from the other players. There are 16 different goals and only 4 are in play each game. So you have to adapt your play style to the goals. There is so much more like: explore the map, build houses and upgrade them to villages, raise cattle, modernising etc. There probably won't be any preproduction copies, so first videos will be out when the game is available in Oct/Nov (depending where you live).
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