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  1. J'ai contacté Luma, ils vont l'avoir au Québec début 2020
  2. Mise-à-Jour! 45.00 $ - 51st state + 2 Faction Promo EN - Ouvert 200.00 $ - 7th Continent + What goes up must go down (KS) FR - Ouvert 40.00 $ - Abyss EN - Joué 60.00 $ - Alhambra Big Box ML - Neuf 30.00 $ - Auberge Sanglante FR - Ouvert 30.00 $ - Axis & Allies 1942 EN - Ouvert 35.00 $ - Azul: Les Vitraux de Sintra FR - Ouvert 40.00 $ - Blue Moon Legends FR - Ouvert 40.00 $ - Castell EN - Neuf 40.00 $ - Civilisation: A new dawn EN - Joué 15.00 $ - Codenames: Pictures EN - Neuf 60.00 $ - Diplomacy (Avalon Hill 1999) EN - Joué 80.00 $ - Dominion + Rivages + Âge des ténèbres + Propérité (manque 1 jeton métallique dans Propérité) FR - Joué 60.00 $ - Dropmix + plusieurs pack de carte EN - Joué 30.00 $ - Eko ML - Ouvert 40.00 $ - Ex Libris FR - Ouvert 40.00 $ - Fate of the Elder Gods + Extension EN - Ouvert 60.00 $ - Fresco Big Box ML - Neuf 90.00 $ - Gugong (KS) ML - Ouvert 220.00 $ - Heroes of Land, Air and Sea (KS) + Pestilence (KS) + Order & Chaos (KS) EN - Joué 60.00 $ - Heroes of Normandy + Shadows of Normandy (KS) EN - Ouvert 10.00 $ - Honshu EN - Ouvert 70.00 $ - Imperial Settlers + 2 extensions EN - Joué 240.00 $ - Joan of Arc (KS) FR - Neuf 50.00 $ - Kanban: Automotive Revolution EN - Neuf 25.00 $ - Karmaka FR - Ouvert 30.00 $ - Kumo Ogosha FR - Ouvert 45.00 $ - Lift Off GE - Ouvert 20.00 $ - Limes EN - Neuf 30.00 $ - Micropolis EN - Ouvert 160.00 $ - Project Elite (KS) + Adrenaline (KS) + 2 Mega Boss - Boite sérieusement amoché EN - Joué 10.00 $ - Roma EN - Ouvert 200.00 $ - Rum & Bones + Upgrade kit + Rum & Bones 2 (KS) + 3 extensions EN - Ouvert 50.00 $ - Settlers of Catan + 5-6 Players Expansion EN - Joué 20.00 $ - Siam Travel ML - Ouvert 100.00 $ - Smash Up - Big box + 6 extensions EN - Joué 20.00 $ - Steamrollers EN - Joué 45.00 $ - Stockpile + Continuing Corruption EN - Joué 15.00 $ - Sushi Go Party EN - Ouvert 45.00 $ - Teotihuacan: City of gods EN - Ouvert 20.00 $ - Time Arena EN - Neuf 25.00 $ - Tiny Epic Galaxies (KS) EN - Joué 25.00 $ - Tiny Epic Quest (KS) EN - Ouvert 25.00 $ - Tiny Epic Zombies (KS) EN - Ouvert 80.00 $ - TMNT: Shadows of the past (KS) Boite Réparé EN - Ouvert 35.00 $ - Torres ML - Ouvert 20.00 $ - Tournament at Camelot EN - Ouvert 10.00 $ - Traders of Osaka FR - Ouvert 20.00 $ - Ubongo FR - Neuf 30.00 $ - Villainous EN - Ouvert 80.00 $ - Warhammer Underworld - Shadespire + Nightvault + 5 Warbands (3FR et 2EN) FR - Ouvert 50.00 $ - Wasteland Delivery Express EN - Ouvert 10.00 $ - Yokai No Mori FR - Ouvert
  3. War chest est une petite perle de jeu abstrait tactique avec bag building
  4. Dispo aussi souvent en rabais sur Amazon.ca j'ai acheté ma copie pour quelque chose comme 26$
  5. Ouin, je sais pas si je vais en reprendre en VF pour les futurs KS, c'est tellement rare, habituellement je prend la VO sans me poser de question.
  6. 95 $ CAD pour la deluxe avec le shipping estimé le plus élevé, 85$ sans shipping ( je vais avoir les vrai montant de shipping juste au pledge manager)
  7. September Update Publié par Druid City Games 6 septembre 2019 Créateur A lot of hard work Something has become very apparent over the last year, this is a HUGE project with a ton of moving pieces! I am incredibly proud of the entire team and how hard they are working to make this the very best game we have EVER made. With that said, we have had challenges and are tackling them. The sheer amount of assets in this game is mind boggling, which in itself is where a lot of the issues come from. With that preamble, let's dive into where things are and get you updated. Gametrayz These things are gorgeous! Noah is a wizard when it comes to these things. It has been a very big challenge to get everything in the box the way we are hoping. You can see the sheer amount of stuff that has to go into these boxes. We have had weird little things like the plastic dial knobs being much taller than we expected that can hang up a design like this, but Noah has taken each challenge in stride and is still tweaking the box as things come up. Putting together a tray design like this is like falling dominoes, some things can't be worked on until the previous step is completed with final information, so there is a lot of "hurry up and wait", but we are close to the finish line as you can see. Check out that box lining with the clear base trayz, that is gonna be a gorgeous look for the game! Retail Box Mock Up We have a render of the retail box. (We are currently still waiting for a few other pieces of info from the manufacturer before we lock in the size of the Deluxe box) Once we have that info we will render out the final size and look of the Deluxe box. Rulebook Another challenger enters the ring!... The rulebook is a beast! There is a lot going on in our game and the team has been plugging away with the rulebook design to get it perfect! This is really important to us and we want to get it right. We understand that if a rulebook doesn't help you get a game up and running quickly and efficiently then you probably won't enjoy it as much...they are also one of the hardest things to get perfect because everyone learns differently. Here are a couple pages to preview that are still not 100% final, but once we get it ready for public eyes (probably next month's update) then we will show you the whole thing. Timeline Currently we are behind the October 2019 estimated delivery date on the Kickstarter page. Our best guess at current projections has production finishing in December and getting shipped out before Chinese New Year is our goal. If we can hit these timelines that puts delivery in Jan/Feb. I know that is disappointing to hear, with that said, we want to make the very best game we can. There are many decisions along the way that had to be made that would either make the project faster or make the project better...WE HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL go with the choice that makes the project better not just faster. I hope that shows in every project you get from Druid City Games/Skybound Games. This game is a show stopper, I know when you have it in your hands, you will be extremely excited. All that said, if you are upset about the timeline change, you can send us a message and we will refund your pledge minus the Kickstarter fees (10%), otherwise sit tight and get pumped because an incredible game is being crafted for your enjoyment for years to come! Regards - James & Co.
  8. Solo, Two Player Mode, and a Lore Book update! Publié par Druid City Games 14 août 2019 Créateur Sorry for the silence over the past 2 months, the summer convention schedule is grueling. 4 conventions in the span of 8-9 weeks, wears you down and takes your in office time away. But you aren't here for excuses, you are here for updates, so we have those! Also, know that I will be committing to a specific date at the end of each update for when you can expect the next update. Tidal Blades Solo and Two Player Modes Tidal Blades is playable from 1-5 players (with the Expansion). For the solo and 2 player mode we designed an AI that would be your Rival and compete with you during the Tournament. Our goals when designing both modes was to keep the gameplay as close to the 3-4 player game as possible, while also creating a dynamic gaming experience. For both modes we worked to use as many of the same rules as possible so if you knew how to play 2 player, the solo version would just be a light shift of rules. For the Solo and 2 player Modes we created a helpful player board for the Rival that acts as a quick reference and covers all of the basic rules for those modes. Check out the amazing layout and design by Mr. Cuddington. The Rival In both solo and 2 player an unused Character is chosen as the Rival before the game begins. This character will visit and block action spaces, fight Monsters, and advance on the Champion Board. By Pushing Challenges (completing the extra symbol) when the Rival is at your same Island you can move them down the Champion Board. Additionally, if the Rival has more Hits on a Monster than you, you will be susceptible to Invade penalties and won’t qualify for Rewards if the Monster is killed. In the two player game the Rival adds just enough extra tension and unpredictability to make you carefully consider each of your moves. Monster Plots In the solo game their is an additional threat from the Monsters that are invading from the Fold. Each time the Rival reveals a Challenge it is added to the Monster Plot for that Arena. Each Arena has a different penalty and when the Points from all Challenges in one Arena equals 10 or greater the Plot resolves. Luckily, as a solo player you are able to call on the assistance of two of the unused Characters who will be your Allies in the game. Anytime you, or your allies, completes a Challenge, you may discard a Challenge of equal or lesser value from the corresponding Monster plot. Designing the solo and 2 player modes was an extra step, but we greatly enjoyed creating the Rival AI and Monster plots. We are excited to share these modes with you when the game is released and hear your thoughts. Not final, a few tweaks to this remain Not final, a few tweaks to this remain Play testing and balancing these extra items did take longer than we expected and pushed out our timelines, but we are happy with them and they are going to add a lot of gameplay to Tidal Blades! Sneak Peek at the Lore Book! This has taken drastically more work than anyone anticipated but we are extremely proud of what we have here. This is no mere art book...
  9. justement, jva poster les update du projet Bring it all together! Publié par Druid City Games 6 juin 2019 Créateur We have a lot to cover this month so we are just going to jump right in! ISLAND BOARDS -We just finished cleaning up all the island boards. -Some of the rewards have been tweaked for balance. For example, the Temple of the Breaking Wave on the Citadel has been made more exciting by offering three separate options. The fruit reward also lets you discard two challenges from the pool, which speeds up gameplay by allowing us to remove the rule to refresh the challenges every round. - The multi-use spaces were given a unique design that is both easier to differentiate from the standard spots and more functional. They can now easily accommodate multiple players' energy disks without hiding the central icon. That way, people can still see what reward they are getting. -The Fold layout has been improved and now includes a rule reminder that new players tended to forget. -To simplify initial game setup, the Monster cards back now indicate if they are Easy or Hard, and feature an icon showing the required fighting style. MONSTERS -All monster cards are cleaned up and ready to go. -There are two monsters that were meant to be part of the base game but that we never had time to illustrate in the prototype: the Massive Hagworm and the Karakeen. These are now completed. -The rules for the special monsters were moved to the bottom of the cards for clarity. CHARACTER CARDS ART All character card art is finished. See the sneak peeks! LOREBOOK All illustrations for the lore book are completed. The missing text has been written and is under revision by our editor. CHALLENGES -All artwork for the challenges is cleaned up, including some never seen before that were unlocked through stretch goals such as Leap of Faith, Frog Frenzy, Rolling Boulders and Race with the Wildconger. -Many of the challenges will now have a push-it symbol (with a dotted line) that is optional to complete the challenge. -The layout for special challenges (now called Legendary Challenges) has been revised. The rule has been moved at the bottom and given a larger font that's easier to read from across the table. They also have a special, larger icon in the top left to better differentiate them from standard challenges. - All challenges now have little trait symbols in the bottom left. That way, when you tuck them in under your player board, you still can easily check if you completed any of your endgame goals. Tidal Blades Development Report from Tim and Ben Eisner We have been hard at work over the last few months doing final development on Tidal Blades and we are excited to have made several larger changes to the game that improve the flow and increase the strategic options available to players. 4 Rounds As you can see on the Citadel of Time board we have shortened the standard Tidal Blades game to 4 rounds. The game was running over 2 hours and felt long for the experience we were aiming for. With 4 rounds you get into the action of the game much quicker. This change allowed us to remove an entire End of Round phase while only reducing the total number of actions per player is reduced by 2. So players will spend more time playing and taking actions and less time preparing for the upcoming round. Never fear those of you who enjoy a longer gaming experience, the backside of the Citadel of Time will have the 5 round game. Push It Challenges The majority of Challenges now have a "Push It" symbol. Flavorfully this represent, that when competing in the Tournament, you can just do what is required to complete the Challenge or you can go above and beyond and show off your extraordinary skill. The "Push It" Trait symbols are optional and do not need to be matched to complete the Challenge. This change gives players more choice when deciding which Challenge to attempt, how many dice to commit to the Challenge, and when to stop rolling or keep pushing. Adding the "Push It" symbol has many subtle effects on gameplay and creates a richer, more dynamic decision making space within the game. Psychologically these symbols are a powerful motivator and give players an incentive to roll extra dice. And nothing feels quite so good as getting an extra Trait advancement by excelling at a Challenge.
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